• a page by page written analysis of what attracts and what repels potential clients


  • detailed critique of your website design's ability to hold visitors on the site and encourage taking the action you want them to take


  • complete notations on what to change and how to do it for better response


  • comprehensive recommendations for new pages, extended content, and more interactivity


  • meta tag and alt tag check of your source code


  • suggestions for best readability formatting

  • recommendations to improve on page SEO, according to what Google likes now

  • advice on using social media to your advantage


  • suggestions for interactive features that increase favorable impression and conversion 


  • an opportunity to talk through the results of the critique and ask questions


When Deah does a website critique for you 

what you get is :

Why You'd Want  to


Get a Comprehensive Website Critique

with recommendations for improvements

It's nice when your spouse, best friend, sister, cousin, or mom like the website you have put together yourself. But the question you have to ask yourself is how much do they know about marketing in general, or the subliminal influences that are part of the process clients go through in selecting a practitioner.



Even other colleagues and clinical supervisors aren't usually the best resources for advice about website design, marketing messages and search engine optimization.  Few have any training in these fields, most don't keep up with frequently changing techie trends and requirements, nor can they easily separate business needs from clinical perspectives.

All this only $175

To avoid playing phone tag,
initial contact by email is preferred

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