Should You Switch Browsers? Yes, Especially When Web Tools are Glitchy

14 Dec 2018

Once in a while even Wix website designers have a little trouble with the Wix editor. Today I'm personally having trouble accessing the color picker. I see other designers posting in our private Facebook group that they are having the same issue.


Yesterday, I could open the color picker, but the little patches of color were so shaky that I couldn't click on the ones I wanted. This can suck up a lot of time in trying to figure out the problem, contacting Wix Support, and posting for insight and quick fixes on that Wix designers' Facebook group.


For non-designers, this kind of glitch can be very frustrating, and sour you entirely on the usually fabulous Wix experience.


So here's a professional tip -- whenever you encounter a web-based tool* that isn't working the way you know it should, instead of fighting with it or trying to figure out why, just switch to a different browser.


Unless you are working on a Mac and using its native browser Safari, most of us with a newer computer have Chrome loaded by the manufacturer as the default browser. Some of us with older computers might be working on Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer browsers. A few have known about Mozilla's Firefox for a while and might be using that. And there are still other browsers that are less well known that are available.


I usually work on my clients' websites in the Chrome browser. But when the editor gives me trouble, I switch to Firefox. So far, whatever I'm having trouble with in Chrome, I can get done easily in Firefox.


Next time you are stuck wrestling with any web-tool, it'll be well worth trying that tool on a different browser.  Save yourself a lot of frustration and be sure you have at least 2 browsers installed on your computer so the switch can be quick and painless.

*Web-based tools are programs that you can use online and don't have to download to your own computer. Most email programs -- such as Outlook, Gmail, Mailchip, etc -- are web-based. The popular photo editing tool PicMonkey is web-based, but Photoshop is not -- you have to install that software to your computer to use it. Wix is completely web-based, and usually that's a good thing for the typical user.







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