Making Minor Text Changes in Your New Wix Website: Step by Step with Pictures!

1 Sep 2016

 What to do you do when your website has been done for months -- maybe even years -- and you decide that you need to change your displayed fees? Or maybe you have moved your office and need to change the information on your contact page and in your footer?  Do you take a deep breath, open your Wix account, and feel confident using the Wix editing tools?  Or are you quickly intimidated, frustrated, and a little scared you're going to mess things up?


You aren't alone. And don't worry -- if I have built your website, you can always have me make your changes for a low hourly fee.  Here's how.



First, log into your Wix account, and click on the blue Manage button on top of the thumbnail image of your site.



That will open another dashboard where you will click on the blue Edit Site button.



This activates and opens your website in editing mode. It will look just like the public sees it, but with the addition of various tool icons set around the screen. So the first thing to do is to find the page and place on the page where you want to make changes.  


Let's say for instructional purposes that you want to change something in this area on Content.  Double click anywhere on that existing text, and a text box will be activated. You will know because the text will be highlighted and the whole area will have a light blue border around it. And a new tool box will pop open that says Text Settings at the top.






In the photo above, for a different paragraph, find where the normal blinking cursor is -- in this case, between the words Web and Design which have no space between them. Just like in Word, wherever the text cursor is blinking is where you can start typing. Also just like in Word, you can use the mouse to click in a different place in the text box, or wherever you need to make changes.




Th icons in the Text Settings tool box should look pretty familiar. They are standard in Word and Google Docs, and many other word processing and web editing programs. So let's say you want to change the display of the word Content in the text box from being centered to being right at the right margin of the text. Click on the text display tool where the arrow points, and change the center icon to the right flush icon.


Want to change the font size? First highlight just the words to change, then either move the sliding bar forward or back, or click on the square showing the number 28 in the photo above and type in a new size number.


Want to change the font style? Click on round arrow icon where the other red arrow points to see all the available choices. Be careful with this, though, because changing font style can start to look messy and amateurish, and also can screw up the way the site looks on cell phones, as well as affecting the spacing and alignment of other elements on the page.


When you are done making your changes, look up in the tool bar across the top of the editing screen.



Click Save, and then click Publish so your changes will be seen by the public. Even if you aren't ready for the change to be publicly viewed, be sure to click Save so they will show up the next time you open the editor.


Then if you are truly brave, click on the icon image of a cell phone next to the word Save to open the mobile view editor. Check your changes and the whole page to make sure what you've done hasn't pushed things out of alignment or hidden things on the cell phone view.  Make changes there if needed or yell for help. (This is usually when my clients get really overwhelmed.)



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