How to Know if You Can Build a Good Website on Your Own

18 Jul 2019

Using the Wix platform to build your own website is not especially complicated, but it will take time and the specific (but minor) skills listed below. If you don’t have a couple weeks to a month to devote to browsing through templates, experimenting with editing tools, and writing your content in an emotionally compelling way that motivates potential clients to hire you or buy from you, you might be better off having a website built for you.



8 Skills You Need

  • an eye for effective, client-attracting layout

  • a feel for photos and design elements appropriate for your niche(s)

  • moderate experience with online tools to recognize functional icons

  • ability to import photos, create links to other sites, upload documents

  • ability to hunt for available pre-answered tech support

  • knowledge of psychographics – what motivates people to buy

  • understanding of SEO and UX, and use of meta tags

  • ability to write marketing message content


4 Necessary “Soft” Factors

  • a chunk of time to work on your site

  • a fair amount of patience with trial and error

  • high tolerance for frustration with learning new things

  • ability to seek expert critique and ignore non-expert opinions


If you are patient and fearless with learning to use online tools, Wix provides all you need to be a do-it-yourselfer. But even with the Wix ADI (artificial design intelligence) tool, or Wix templates, it's easy be frustrated or disappointed with the results.


5 Tips for the DIY Website


  1. Keep in mind what YOUR website needs to convey

  2. Know that everything on a Wix template or in ADI can be changed

  3. Remove what you don’t need from any ADI or template 

  4. Know that you can change the color scheme and photos

  5. Poke around – click on stuff – see what does what – get familiar with the tools

  6. Make use of the Support articles

  7. Contact DeWixDoctor when you want a professional result



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