64 Reasons Your Non-Profit Will Benefit from a Wix Website and Professional Designer

12 Feb 2019

 Are you a volunteer, staff member, or member of a board of directors for a 501(c)3 non-profit organization?  Do you have a feeling that your organization's website could be performing better for you than it is, but not sure how to accomplish that? Maybe your organization doesn't even have a website, and your word of mouth efforts to get donations are suffering. If so, this blog post is for you.


Not only are modern, technologically up to date websites vital for retail and service businesses, they are also crucial for non-profit organizations that rely on donations and grants for operational and program funding. In both cases, the basic purpose is the same -- to exude a well-managed, fiscally trustworthy, currently existing, and open-for-business entity. 


Earning and keeping the attention of your donor audience has never been more important. Because most donors these days are accustomed to doing some internet research on potential recipients of their philanthropic dollars, a good website that tells them what they are looking for is absolutely essential.



18 Points that Make for a Good Website

  • visually clean, uncluttered, attractive pages

  • clear prompts telling visitors what you want them to do

  • large photos of your activities, service recipients, volunteers, and staff

  • simple, succinct content that is emotionally compelling

  • easy to read, navigate, and understand pages

  • good contrast colors, larger font size, narrower content columns for ADA compliance

  • instruction on who to contact to volunteer, or to receive services

  • continuous stream of success stories / confirmation of how donations are spent (via a site blog)

  • a map for how to find you, listing of hours of operation

  • linked logos for supporting organizations, if any

  • strategically placed donation buttons

  • well crafted data protection and cookie policies

  • an events calendar if you have fundraisers

  • staff photos and bios

  • mission and vision statement, organizational history

  • well placed and direct calls to action

  • social media links or feeds

  • video interviews of staff, volunteers, and recipients


25 Advantages that Wix Provides 

  • fully customizable website templates to choose from

  • blank slate editing for the advanced designer

  • drag and drop editing -- put page elements anywhere you want them

  • special effects for injecting movement into static pages

  • ability to upload your own fonts

  • use of dozens of internet-safe fonts

  • ability to change hex codes to get your perfect colors

  • customizable newsletter subscription and contact forms 

  • easy html5 coding options for proper headlines and paragraphs

  • extensive free library of stock images and vector art

  • additional low cost stock images available

  • add keyword tags to any photo in image library

  • ability to upload your own photos, videos, and audio files

  • ability to create volunteer application forms and surveys

  • free companion site for cell phone viewing

  • blog pages that smoothly integrate into any Wix website

  • ability to allow contributors to blog

  • ability to blog from desktop, laptop, and phone

  • domain connection to 3rd party name servers (keep your domain where it is)

  • can receive domain transfer, manage site and domain from your Wix account

  • availability of domain specific email address purchase (via G Suite)

  • can use 3rd party email, Wix account will store emails and forward to your own inbox

  • 2 integrated wizards for search engine optimization

  • extensive written help instructions on all topics

  • many more special features


21 Benefits of Working with a Professional Wix Designer

  • Saves you the time and frustration of learning to use the editing tools

  • Give you the latest expertise in design and behind scenes technology

  • Sets up 301 redirects to save SEO if your are moving to Wix from another platform

  • Helps edit your content for best donor-attraction effect

  • Knows how to design so reader is lead down a page to an action (donate!)

  • Knows where to put buttons and forms for most use by site visitors

  • Designs to minimize visual clutter and maximize reader rapport

  • Knows copyright laws regarding websites

  • Knows data protection and cookie disclosure requirements

  • Ensures everything functions as it is supposed to

  • Runs the SEO wizards for you and submits site map to Google

  • Adjusts mobile view so the site is stellar on cell phones

  • Anticipates future page needs, can create then hide from public view

  • Can provide self-help instructions

  • Will make minor edits at no charge

  • Has a community of 2500+ Wix designers to help problem solve if needed

  • Has access to experts who can subcontract if Wix code is needed (unlikely)

  • Can use back up systems so your site is never lost or ruined

  • Can create and add a favicon for browser tabs

  • Can create and add a social share image for your site

  • Guarantees your site is SSL/TLS secure



Ready to get your website updated so that you can show off your organization to its best potential?  Ready to connect better with your donor base and start drawing in more of their generosity? 


If you are a legally constituted 501(c)3 you might qualify for my special offer for non-profits.  Email me today for a free, no-pressure consult. 













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