Website Info to Keep Where You Can Immediately Retrieve When Needed

15 Dec 2017

It happens time and again -- solopreneurs who aren't tech-minded often misplace or never know the vital information needed by tech support people when a problem arises. Basic issues like the domain not connecting to the website, or the email not forwarding to the right place are easy to fix but only when you can give your helper the correct details.


So if you are one of DeWriteSites' clients, here is a short list of what you must know about website and email. I recommend that you copy and paste it into a Word document, change what you need to so that this is exactly correct for you, then file it where you won't forget. Make a hard copy and post it on the wall perhaps, or put it in a computer file marked Website Tech Info.


  • Your website host is Wix

  • Your domain registrar is Wix or a third party -- know who!​ (probably GoDaddy, but could be Network Solutions, or any of many others.

  • Your domain is registered as public or private -- know which!

  • Your contact form is a gmail address rather than a domain specific address (for example: versus

  • Your website login is the personal email address you used to first contact DeWriteSites. Fill that in here: ________________

  • Your password is_______________ (Deah likely assigned it to you)

  • Your sitemap has been registered with Google on Deah's webmaster tools account, or on your own if you did it yourself

  • A free-from-Wix analytics program called Visitor Analytics has been added to your site

  • Google Analytics could also be added if you opened your own Google Analytics account -- it will need some set up in your Wix dashboard's Analytics section.

  • Deah has likely been added as a full admin contributor to your site -- this minimizes access issues in case you forget or change your password.

  • The Wix customer support number for account and tech support is  1-415-639-9034

  • Deah provides free tech support for you for 30 days after your website is completed, and after that charges only $50/hour. Change requests can be best made by email.


Special Notes


Two weeks after your domain has been redirected to your Wix website, you can transfer your domain to Wix for hosting if you'd like to have everything under one roof. If you are interested in doing that, Wix has a series of support articles about that.  You might have to be logged into your Wix account to access that link.


A contributor to your website can access most of your website tools with the exception of your payment information and authority to delete or duplicate the site. A contributor can be assigned any of a range of permissions from only adding a blog, to also changing page content, to managing site settings and apps.


Contributors can access your website through their own Wix dashboard, thus avoiding any password hassles. So in the same way your website’s submission to Google’s webmaster tools possibly lives in my Google account, your website may also live in my Wix designer account.  This gives you an extra layer of protection and access that most non-techies find reassuring.


For a group practice, the primary website owner can allow other group clinicians permission to upload their own blog posts without having access to the rest of the account. If you need help in assigning roles and permissions to your contributors, ask me to help you.


If you do want to add Google Analytics to your website -- and I would only recommend it if you feel the need to be a data junkie which really is not necessary -- Wix has support articles on doing that here.




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