How to Install Your Photos, or Find and Add Free Images to Your Blog Posts

26 Aug 2016


I love this picture. It has absolutely nothing to do with this instruction on how to add photos to your blog -- unless you want to get all metaphysical and talk about walking the path to enlightenment, or meditating on just the right image to enhance your topic. As a practical matter, I simply wanted a lovely scene to show up as this post's key image. Whatever image you put first in your blog will also be the one that get in the ticker. And you'll see why the instructional photos below aren't as lovely for these purposes.


So that's your first instruction -- choose a photo that will draw the eye of the reader and cause them to want to check out what you've written.


Now -- where do you go to find free images to choose from?  See the icons at the top of your blog's add or edit new post area?  That first one, where the red arrow points, is the place to start.



And if you want to add several photos in a gallery the second (gold) icon will help you do that.  The third icon is what you want if you need to add a video, and the 4th is used if you are trying to add those animated images called GIFs.  The 5th icon adds a divider bar which you can edit for thickness and color. And the 6th icon is for the advanced magic of Hogwarts graduates (aka, inserting html).


When you click that image library icon, your regular collection of all photos you have already added to your website on other pages will appear. Here's what mine looks like:


If you have taken a photo with your phone, tablet, or camera and it's on your computer ready to be added to your image library, just click the orange Upload Images button in the upper right corner of this screen. Your computer's files will open so you can find the photo you want.


Double click on it, and your computer will interface with Wix to add the photo to your Wix image library.  Double click on it again when it is in your Wix image library, and it will be added to your blog. 


If you have personally taken the photos you are uploading, I recommend embedding a copyright line on them so that they are protected by law. You can do that most easily with the free tool before uploading your photo to Wix.



Need a Free Photo from Wix? 


What if you don't have your own photos? No problem. Find the tab in your image library screen near the top that says Free From Wix. Click that open.  Now you'll see a screen something like this:



Notice on the left side there are many sections of photos. Browse through the topics to help narrow your search and shorten your browsing time. Or use the Search bar to type in the exact keywords you want -- maybe brunette if you are looking for a person with dark hair, or family if you want adults and kids together.  When you find an image you like, double click on it to add it to your blog.



Buying BigStock Photos


If you can't find what you need in Wix's ever expanding collection of free photos you might try the tab for Bigstock images.  These will cost you, and you are limited in how you can use them. In general you are authorized to use these photos only on your website. You may not copy or download them for use in other media such as brochures or ebooks.



Add Alt Tags


Don't forget to add the alt tags to each photo, to help enhance your blog's SEO.  Even when images have writing in them -- such as image quotes or memes -- Google can't read the text when it is basically a picture. So tell Google what the picture is, or what the purpose is with alternative text tags. To find the place for doing that, click on the photo inserted in your blog, and type into the field on the left end of the tool bar that pops up.



I hope this instruction was helpful.  Please let me know if you need more help.


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