What You Need to Know About Working with De*WriteSites

6 Apr 2016

These are details that are covered at length in our preliminary "scope of project" conversation. But it's helpful to have them in writing to help inform your decision about hiring me to build your website.


De*WriteSites and Wix are 2 Different Things


As a freelance website designer, I build sites using the tools available from Wix -- exclusively. Your site will be hosted by Wix, and it's possible if not likely that your domain will also be hosted by Wix unless you already have a domain registered elsewhere. 


This means that you will have two or three separate bills -- a one time in advance project bill for me as the designer and content editor, and one to Wix for site and possible domain hosting, renewed annually. If your domain is with a 3rd party registrar like GoDaddy, you'll continue to also have a renewal bill from them. Wix (and any domain host) will notify you directly when its time to renew.


The benefit for you: Access to Wix customer service and billing departments with the expertise to take care of helping you with your annual renewal needs.


In most cases -- unless there is a special hosting discount offered by Wix before we are done with your website -- the Wix fee won't need to be paid until the end of the project.


The benefit for you: Necessary payments are spread out in a comfortable way for your business expenses cash flow.


By the way, with your single Wix account, you get both the desktop / laptop version of your website AND the mobile / cell phone version with special mobile editing tools. As part of hiring me to create your website, I'll be ensuring that your site looks beautiful and operates perfectly on all devices. 


The benefit for you: No separate and additional process or developers to hire to be fully mobile friendly for all those potential clients on their cell phones!



De*WriteSites Opens a Wix Account for You


When we decide to work together, the first thing that happens is that I will open a Wix account in your name using your email address, and assigning a password that you will receive at the end of the project. You will have full control and access to your account, your content, and the Wix site editing tools when the project concludes.


The benefit for you: You are never held hostage to my availability, and I won't be the gatekeeper blocking back end access to your website.


Your website will not live on my computer, but on Wix servers. It will be part of the Wix system, which gives you all the advantages of a full service website development firm.


The benefit for you: Free tech support from the world's top drag and drop website building company is available to you via:

  • support ticket request with replies by email

  • online how to instructions and videos

  • scheduled tech support phone calls - they call you!

  • spur of the moment calls to tech support 

Additional great ideas are available from the Wix blog, and from several Wix groups and Wix pages on Facebook.


I will also still have access to your website to help you add pages or make changes on an hourly fee basis, as long as you don't change the password. If you're asking me to access your website more than a year after it was done, I appreciate you letting me know what the password is -- I don't use the same one for everyone and I'm not likely to remember what I assigned for you without having to dig through files and emails to find it.



Copyright and Design Options Given to You


At the start of a project I create 2 or 3 design options for you to select from. There is little proprietary content on these option sites, although if you have an existing website I may pull some content from it to help you visualize what it would look like on a different design. Any content you have written belongs 100% to you. Any content I have edited from your provided drafts or your old website, or any original writing I am contracted to do for you is also copyrighted to you.


The benefit for you: Never any legal question regarding who owns the copyright of your website's content. 


The designs you do not select return to my bank of pre-made websites. Your name and any of your sample content is removed. The copyright of the design remains with me until the design is sold to another client.


The benefit for you: You pay only for what you choose, and not for my time in offering you options.


If you have more questions about how it would work to work with me, I invite you to request a phone chat.   I look forward to talking with you about the design and content possibilities for your website and how it can help you attract more clients to your private practice.




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Why I've Retired

It's possible this will come as a surprise to you -- it certainly has snuck on me that I'm well past retirement age. Over the last year or so, my heart has been pulled in other directions, and while I still love the creative aspects of website design, I want to use my time making a life rather than devoting my energies to making a living. So I plan to travel, attend writers' retreats, work on learning to take good iPhone photos, and just be open to where my spirit guides take me. I have also stepped back from my esoteric work for 2020, and who knows what the future holds for that.

Please see the blog post for my two Wix designers who have earned my highest recommendations for serving my client niche.

All the Best to You!