Is Your Website Bold, Generous & Dynamic? It Needs to Be

11 Apr 2015


Recently I read an article from Entrepreneur magazine on getting your website noticed online. You may have noticed that I posted the link to it on my Facebook page.  I want to expand on their points a bit for my audience.


 Put Dynamic Content on Homepage


What does that mean?  Dynamic refers to something that is always changing, being added to.   The Entrepreneur article advises putting a blog on the homepage. That would certainly take care of frequently fresh content, but it could also make your site load slowly, so there is a caution to that.


The article also suggests having video or changing images on the homepage as a way to hold visitors on the site, and stimulate interest.  I know video is technologically challenging and maybe emotionally intimidating for my audience of psychologists, counselors, coaches and psychics. A narrated and lightly animated PowerPoint slide show converted to an mp4 file can work as well.  Or create a more whimsical video at


Or perhaps add the featured blog app to your homepage – but only if you have at least 10 blogs with photos already installed, and if you will continue blogging and using photos with blogs.


Be Generous and Irresistible


The Entrepreneur article actually says engage first, sell later.  If I have written or edited your marketing message pages, this is the general tone your site already has. But the article suggests going further. It emphasizes the importance of the give-away – and by extension, the creation of an email list which then also means sending out an ezine of tips (not pure sales pitches).


As a Wix website owner, you could make use the Wix Shout Out newsletter sign up form and the newsletter creation app. It will take a bit of learning curve, but it’s included in your Wix site cost, so you may as well take advantage of that if you don’t need an autoresponder like Aweber, or all the other bells and whistles of Constant Contact.


But what this article really advises is to go beyond the standard give-away special report, and create a WOW – by which they mean, a 3 hour audio course followed by a 7 day trial of services.  LOL. That could be great for coaches who sell 6 month packages, but I’m trying to figure out what that could really look like for therapists and psychics!


Actually, now that I’m thinking about it, the “audio course” idea could be easily transformed into several guided meditation audios – and really, 3 hours is too long.  Three 5 minute audios is just right.  Then follow with a one week set of daily emails that pose a big, thought provoking question, related to the theme of the audios. 


All of this could be done as future-pacing – getting the potential client to experience a taste of what it would be like to work with you, and prompting them to imagine what their life could be like with your help. And as the old show biz adage says, leave them wanting more. 


Be Bold and Controversial – in a Strategic Way


The Entrepreneur article calls this picking a fight.  They say, “generate some content for your site that bucks conventional wisdom and then share your contrarian content with vocal opposition.” 


Asking bold questions is the coach’s stock in trade, so this should be easy for my coach colleagues. But for those among my audience who may be risk averse, you may be shocked at this advice. So here’s what it really means for you.  It’s about positioning yourself apart from your colleagues in a thoughtfully strategic way that generates interest, curiosity and likeability. 


You can be bold in your calls to action, and in your blogging with titles and topics. You can be especially bold and controversial in social media posts that invite people to your blog, and in your ezine subject lines. Some examples of going against conventional wisdom might be titles like:


  • 3 Reasons Your Anxiety Doesn’t Need to be Treated

  • How Medication for ADHD Could Be Harming Your Child

  • Why Insight Therapy Doesn’t End Your Distress

  • 3 Ways Health Statistics are Making You Sick

  • Divorce May Be the Best Thing You Can Do for Your Kids


I hope by now you see that static website content that throws credentials and benefits of counseling, coaching, or psychic readings just aren’t going to bring in the clients you need to keep your business running. More on-going involvement from you is needed.


So go forth, my little Wixies -- be brave, be generous, and be dynamic. Wix gives you lots of magic wands just for that purpose.




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