Old Domain Name / New Webhost & Website -- What to Do

30 Jul 2014


In the last year, I've had the privilege of working with returning and new clients with old websites who wanted a fresh look and new content.  Most have changed webhosts in this process too, which presents a different set of protocols for launching a new site with an existing domain name.


Here in simplistic language is what you need to know if you are thinking about upgrading your own website.



SEO and New Webhosts for Existing Domain Name


When you change your website to a new host -- such as moving from WordPress or GoDaddy to Wix -- the search engines such as Google and Bing will be re-indexing your site basically from scratch. If you didn't have great SEO going for you before, this will be a good thing.  If you did have great SEO before, you could experience a dip in traffic for several months.


Solution:  Very active blogging -- once a week for 3 or 4 months will help a lot.  And with each blog you do, be sure to then post a promotion for it on social media with links back to the blog itself.



Refresh or Add Locator Directories to Your Marketing Plan


If you aren't already on more than one locator directory -- such as Psychology Today, Good Therapy, or Noomii -- launching a new website is a good time to sign up with new directories as well. A quick Google search for coaches or therapists in your town should show you which directories have the best search engine results because those that do will be among the top 10 search results snippets. The best ones vary from place to place.


Recommendation:  Add the directory logo to the footer of your new website and link it back to your profile on the directory. Be sure the directory profile also links your website.  If you specialize just in couples counseling, for example, you might even link your directory profile right to your couples counseling page instead of to your homepage. Doing this could help increase conversions from visitors to clients.



Provide New Cards to Your Referral Sources


Even though your domain name is the same, having a new website is a good excuse for reminding your professional ally referral sources who you serve and how it helps them.


If you have added niche populations to your website, it is an especially good idea to let your referral source know that you have broadened your client base to include same sex couples counseling, or hypnotherapy for smoking cessation, or DBT for bipolar patients, etc.


If you've added new ability to work with medicare or other insurance companies, this is important information you want your referral sources to know about.


Suggestion:  Create a new rack card at VistaPrint.com or do a simple flier on Word, highlight what's new about your services, and circulate these to new and old referral sources.



Be Diligent in Working Your Marketing Plan


If you haven't already been using CJ Hayden's fabulous Get Clients Now! system, this is the time to start. It will help you stir the energy of bringing attention to your new website if you have a set of marketing tasks you tend to every day. You'll find tons of marketing ideas on her website and in her book.




In addition to blogging and social media posting, two other things that you might consider adding to your new website are:


  • one or more videos or PowToons

  • a free give-away report in exchange for email addresses


If you didn't have those features on your website before, now is a great time to update your own technology know-how in creating such standard marketing tools. 


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