Get Unstuck! Five Blog Topic Titles for Therapists and Coaches

17 Jul 2014

(c) 2014 by Deah Curry PhD

Lately some of my website-build clients have felt stuck when it comes to blogging.  You all know it’s a good marketing method, that it helps get traffic to your website, and that Google loves fresh content on a frequent basis.  But psychologists, social workers, couples counselors, marriage therapists, and coaches all  tell me that you just don’t know what to write.


Maybe this will help.  Here are 5 ideas for topics, titles, and subheads that should fit many private practices. Pick and choose from among the proposed subheads – you might not want to use all of them, or your writing might take you elsewhere, and that’s good.  Just use these to spark your writing.


Note – be sure to tweak title and subhead wording a bit so that you are creating unique client and SEO attractors for your blog.  Oh, and hint….. each of these subheads could also make a nice blog title.



Breaking Rules – the Right Ones, the Right Way

  • Rule Keeping as Thoughtless Habit

  • Rule Keeping as Social Control

  • Rule Keeping as Self-Imposed Limitations

  • Rules that Need Breaking

  • Breaking Rules with Chutzpah

  • Dealing with Rule Breaker Nerves



Are You an Emotional Abuser?

  • Wounds from Emotional Abuse May Fester Forever

  • How Parents Emotionally Abuse Their Kids

  • How Spouses and Friends Emotionally Abuse Each Other

  • Think Before You Tease, or Criticize



Why Feeling Mad, Sad, or Afraid is a Good Thing

  • Avoiding Difficult Feelings Creates Problems

  • It’s Not Just Okay to Feel, It’s Important to Wholeness

  • Feelings Aren’t the Enemy, Irrational Reactivity Is

  • How to Express Feelings Productively



Love Your Kids? Let Them Fail

  • Why Success is Not a Good Teacher

  • The Benefits of Failure

  • How to Use Failure to Get Ahead



Secrets and Lies that may Preserve Your Marriage

  • The Unvarnished Truth is Not Always Kind

  • You Don’t Have to Say Every Thought You Think

  • Types of Secrets to Keep to Yourself

  • The One Lie to Never Tell


Use one or more of these ideas in July and let me know.  I'd love to see how you develop a blog post to your advantage from these stimulators.

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