DIYers Asked – Why Do I Prefer Wix?

6 Jul 2014

The answer to why I prefer Wix is simple – I’m a designer.  I want to be able to change everything on a website and make it fit my purpose and needs, in a quick and fun fashion.  I can do that with Wix.  There are very few limitations to creativity with Wix even without being a computer coder, unlike with other webhosts I’ve tried out.


Another great thing about Wix is that it is always adding new capabilities, so the range of what is possible to do with the websites I build expands frequently. I can do 300% more with a website today than I could just a year ago.


Which includes making adjustments to how the site displays on a mobile device without changing the look or function of the desktop version of my sites.  This take responsive design to a whole new level, and is the best feature I’ve seen from any webhost.


And their tech support forums are very useful for problem solving.  Not only are there pre-written instructions and videos for just about everything you’d ever want to add to your website, there are live Q&A forums where real Wix employees and other Wix users actually respond to your dilemmas.


Wix is incredibly responsive to user requests – they even have a special forum called the Wish List were you can ask for new features to be added.  And they actually do consider and find ways to make it happen. What other webhost does this?  None that I’ve ever seen.


You might wonder how I know what I’m talking about  -- just what other websites have I tried or assisted clients with?  The list includes (and I’ve probably forgotten some):


  • Weebly

  • Yola

  • / Register

  • Yahoo

  • GoDaddy

  • SquareSpace

  • VistaPrint

  • Hostgator

  • WordPress

  • TherapySites

  • Webstarts



And here’s why I’ve assessed these as not best for the time and skill-limited solopreneur.


Weebly, / Register, and Yola are about in the same class in my mind, although the / Register platform is much more expensive. Fixed designs, limited layout and function options, and templates that aren’t changed frequently enough to keep up with contemporary trends.


Yahoo, GoDaddy, SquareSpace are also fixed designs, with more pizzaz in their templates, but still frustrating when your design needs are stymied. 


VistaPrint falls into this category with their nice coordination with some business card designs and an easy enough to use site builder, but limited design capability even with their top of the line account.  And it has been impossible to add 3rd party features to VistaPrint, such as Constant Contact or Aweber sign up forms, or online schedulers. Still, their extra-cost SEO tools has some therapists I know raving about them, which is good because their websites don’t really look that great.


Hostgator has a ton of templates, many of which – when reviewed today – look colorful but not up with the current trends. Many of the template homepages are very busy with competing sections vying for attention that it could be a  challenge to fill them all, and I wonder if the editing tools have may these pieces any easier to remove than it used to be.


WordPress fans who need to have their blog hosted will often choose Hostgator, for easy integration between website and blog.  It takes either a brave heart or techie knowledge beyond mine to do that.  And if you’ve followed me for a while, you already know I can’t stand WordPress due to its extremely high frustration level, its poor security that leaves it susceptible to frequent hacking, and utter lack of flexibility unless you know how to code, or pay someone else to do it.


Therapy Sites brags about providing pre-written content to their really old style and few templates to choose from that are difficult to change. I’m not a fan of their cookie cutter look, their page of links that send people away from your message, or the fact that they don’t write good marketing content.  And Google now penalizes sites for duplicate content. Also it will cost more than $700 a year to have your website there!


I have been a fan of Webstarts in the past, and did build a number of sites for therapists and coaches there.  I like their drag and drop flexibility for designing from scratch, or changing their templates. BUT what has taken me away from Webstarts is that it just doesn’t look good on all browsers.  There is a flaw in their architecture coding that they apparently can’t or haven’t fixed, and it’s really unacceptable in this age of so many different computer systems and mobile device sizes.


Wix wins out above all these, and more, because it overcomes all these problems.


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