Keep Marketing After Your Website is Done

16 Apr 2014

So many psychotherapists, social workers, psychologists, and others with solo practices want to get a website done and then forget about marketing.


You could do that, but it would be a big mistake.


Your new website will need some care and feeding to get Google's attention, and to get potential clients to your site.  This doesn't happen by magic.  Effort is required.


Assuming all the on-page SEO has been built into your website in the site design and content writing process, here's what you need to do once your website is launched:


1.  Write a blog every week for the first three months

2.  Write a blog every other week for the next three months

3. Use the social media buttons at the bottom of your blog to gain publicity for them

4. Leave other posts on your social media accounts with strategically worded comments to drive readers to the blog (and thus to the website)

5. Get your Google Places listing set up and optimized


Yes, this is time consuming and a lot of work. So is running a business that makes a profit. 


Consider it part of the adult responsibilities you have accepted as a professional, just like billing, checking insurance benefits, charting, and giving excellent care to your clients.

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