4 Ways to Give Your Website SEO Juice

16 Apr 2014

Back in the old days -- like about 2 years ago -- SEO (search engine optimization) was a big mysterious thing that non-techies didn't understand. It involved scary sounding things like keywords and backlinks and tags ... oh my!


Since Google changed their search algorithms, even non-techies can do most of the SEO needed to optimize your website.  Here's how:


Use Keywords as Page Names


Do you focus your practice on helping clients with depression, anxiety, ADHD and relationships?  Make sure you have a separate page for each of those 4 problems, and call them that.  


Short and sweet works best for page labels on the menu bar. Don't try for cute or different.  Remember that your potential clients are already stressed out when they are looking for help -- you don't do yourself any favors by making them decode a cryptic page label.



Write Substantial, Relevant Content


You may still be seeing skimpy websites from colleagues whose site designs you like, but the minimalistic approach is no good for getting traffic to their website.  It's no crime to emulate a colleague's marketing approach, but make sure you pick the right ones.


Pages should now have 700-1000 words of content.  This is what Google considers "substantial".  And substantial content earns you better page rank. Page rank helps gain more traffic to your site.


This is good news in another way too -- longer lengths give potential clients a better level of trust for making an appointment.  You can make a much more compelling message with that much content.  It's to your advantage.


Each page that addresses a niche or a niche problem should be a strong marketing message with  good call to action at the end.  Don't just ramble to fill up space.  If you need instruction on writing a marketing message, contact me for a consult or training.



Find and Complete Your Tags


There are 2 types of important tags -- title and description tags, and photo alt tags.  Title and description are simply what shows up in search engine results as the "snippet" that represents your website.  The title tag becomes the snippet link, and the description.... well that should be self-evident.


Wix gives you the place to fill in these tags in each page's settings. Do these for each page, and keep your title tags to about 55-70 characters.  Description tags can be about 140-155 characters -- more won't show up in the snippet.


Photo alt tags are little bits of description that tells search engines what the photo is about.  So is you have a photo of your office, the alt tag would be something like --- Relationship counseling in Wallingford with Dr Deah Curry.

If your photo is of a family, maybe the alt tag would be Family counseling in Houston with Sue Jones MFT.


Wix gives you the place to fill in alt tags for all photos in the photo settings.



BLOG!! -- Google Want to See Continually Fresh Content


Blogging used to be optional, now its mandatory.  Every solopreneur website should have a well tended blog.  Consider the time and effort is takes to be an inexpensive investment that yields a high return in SEO and visitor time spent on site.


Blog posts too should be fairly long -- 600 words or so is currently recommended.  And make sure the content is relevant to the concerns your ideal clients are struggling with.  


By that I mean -- talk about specific symptoms and give common sense tips for coping until the next therapy session.  Blog every week at first, and at least once a month when you have your site and blog well established.



If you do those four things, you'll have accomplished 60% of good SEO.


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