Do You Have What it Takes to Be a Do It Yourselfer?


Being a do it yourselfer when it comes to marketing your business is more than just the low budget option.  It’s really a creative lifestyle akin to parenting, and a central part of growing a solopreneur practice.


Being a do it yourselfer (DIY’er) is like parenting in that you will: 

  • be pulled in different directions

  • experience pride, frustration, and overwhelm weekly if not daily

  • have to problem solve frequently

  • devote more time in the beginning than you imagined

  • have your patience, boundaries and determination tested over and over again


Whether you’re a counselor, therapist, personal coach, clinical social worker, psychologist or  naturopath, all DIY’ers must master a certain amount of technology and client attraction marketing know-how in order to make your business succeed.


I recommend the following one dozen basics.


21st Century Computer and Internet Skills


Whether you’re a Mac or a PC, to thrive as a DIY solopreneur you’ll need to be able to:


1.  Have a business bank account with a credit or debit card you use online only.


2.  Use Word, Excel or other software to create forms, info products, fliers, and spreadsheet marketing plan trackers. I prefer Publisher to Word, which is available in Office 365.


3.  Create or update your website with interactive features like a blog or video.


4.  Use email forms with captcha to reduce spam. 


5.  Create a mobile version of your website.


6.  Use Powerpoint to create animated and narrated informational slide shows.


7.  Save that Powerpoint slide show as an mp4 file to install to your website.


8.  Create your own YouTube channel to host several videos you make.


9.  Use html code to install opt-in or request form on your website that sends a give-away info product to potential clients by autoresponder like Aweber.


10.  Use features of social media to distribute your blog, and give people reason to come visit your website, and to boost SEO.


11.  Use online tools like VistaPrint to design collateral materials like business cards, brochures and rack cards.


12. Be comfortable using webinars or tele-conferencing for your own learning, and as a way to market


So, take an inventory of your DIY skills – where are your proficiencies? Where do you need help or training?  When will you schedule getting help or training?

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