3 Places to Put Your Energy When Your Client Load is Slim & 2 May Surprise You


When I was first in practice some 25 years ago, I really didn’t know what to do with myself when my client load was slim.  (Of course, this was in the days before Facebook, and the PT forum, which so easily fills time now.  Still, I could have done something more productive).


Today, when my coaching clients have extra stretches of time I recommend 3 ways to use it that may satisfy mind, body, and spirit ~ and it may surprise you that these aren’t all about marketing!



Inventory Your Mental Magnetism


What beliefs and wishes are you unconsciously putting out into the universe?  Are clients cancelling appointments when you start the week wishing you had time to run errands, or dreading an upcoming confrontation?  Are you harboring secret insecurities that have you believing you’ll never have a full practice? Do you keep telling yourself you “can’t afford” to invest in this training, that tool, his product, or her program that will save you time, money and trouble in the long run?


Scour your mental chatter everyday for counter-productive thoughts that set you up for feeling anxious, running scared and sabotaging your success.  Replace those stories with affirming confident statements of how you want your life to be, as if it’s already that way.


As Mike Dooley, author of Notes from the Universe, says: Thoughts become things. So put your energy into only thinking what you want to happen, not what you’re scared could happen.  And btw, if you aren’t getting Notes from the Universe by email every day, you’re missing out on a terrific, free, heart warming service.



Refresh Your Spirit


Bless the week that your schedule is lookin’ pretty empty.  It’s a gift.

In fact, treat it like it’s a call to give something yummy to yourself ~~ a massage, a special lunch out, a new novel or a movie or a walk in the park in the middle of the day.

Rest your eyes from the computer.  Rest your ears from other people’s troubles.



Indulge Your Animal Self. Revel in You


When we spend so much of our lives sitting and absorbing the negative, fearful, disorganized, angry and depressed discharges of clients’ emotions, our own energies can get drained.  I believe it’s important to stir up our energies in out-of-the-ordinary, even self-pampering, ways now and then.   This replenishes our resilience to do the work we do.



And Then, Yes, A Little Attention to Marketing


Do all the catch up you’ve been meaning to do, such as revising your locator directory profiles, listing yourself on new ones.  Or write that ebook  you’ve been putting off.


Do a Google search for yourself, which not only supports your SEO, but also might show online phone books that have added you to their listings. You could discover colleagues who have linked to your website without telling you. Or unscrupulous companies who’ve ripped off your blogposts and listed them on their site, albeit giving you credit as “their” expert! (I just found one of mine stolen this way.  Harrumph! 

So -- What thought are you thinking right now?  Does it mirror your success or reflect your fear?  How is your spirit /energy flowing?  What have you done for it lately? What little marketing project can you catch up with today?



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