Give Your Website

a Professional Finish

Even if you have built a Wix site with one of the excellent available templates, there is always the chance that things will get messed up as you add text and photos and apps. Then the process starts to become tedious. 

Why not take your site as far as you can, and then let DeWixDoctor bring it to perfection?

What a Professional Finish 

Can Do For You

  • Convert a long scroll page with Services and About sections into separate pages for best page indexing on Google.

  • Draft and add the important Data Protection and Use of Cookies Policy page to your website.

  • Add the required FTC disclaimer to your testimonials.

  • Perfect your design if needed for cleaner, easier to navigate pages.

  • Reformat your content for ADA compliance, better comprehension, and less eye strain in reading.

  • Style your blog pages for best fit with the rest of your website.

  • Clean up your color palette if necessary for most professional look and best reading quality.

  • Ensure your meta tags, H tags, and alt tags are done correctly.

  • Connect social media icons with your own accounts.

  • Add a favicon and social share image.

  • Check all apps to determine proper settings.

  • Run the Wix wizard for getting found on Google

To avoid playing phone tag,
initial contact by email is preferred

Note: emails without date, timezone and hour for chat won't get a response