Super Special
No Initial Design Fee for Verified Non-Profits

This option for verified non-profits who are referred by a former DeWriteSites client might be available in 2020.

De*WriteSites Super Special Terms & Timelines

for qualified, verified 501(c)3 organizations
This is a Giving Back opportunity MIGHT be available in 2020
despite Deah being officially retired. If you have been referred by a
former DeWriteSites client, ask them to introduce us via email
from them to both of us.

Who Qualifies?

If you are a 501(c)3 progressive social support non-profit organization, or have applied for 501(c)3 status and are awaiting determination from the IRS, you might qualify for the De*WriteSites Super Special.

If you are a small, liberal, non-traditional spiritual group, you might qualify for a Super Special website from De*WriteSites.

If you are a group from an indigenous nation native to North America with a mission of healing, education, or cultural recovery for your people, you may qualify for a "no initial design fee website" from De*WriteSites.

If you are a special needs education entrepreneur with a business plan and goal of making a difference in lives of kids and families with out-of-the-mainstream needs and challenges, you might qualify for a De*WriteSites Super Special website.

Super Special Terms

1. Hosting -- all De*WriteSites websites are built on the Wix platform, which provides outstanding capabilities for non-commercial businesses (websites without online stores). De*WriteSites waives its initial design fee -- a value of up to $2200 -- but you will be paying Wix for yearly hosting. This is currently about $120 for one year. If you do not already have a domain name, you can register one with Wix, and it will be free for the first year. After that, it adds about $10 to your annual cost. Hosting fees are not refundable.


2. Project Contact -- Just one person from your organization or group must be empowered to make all final decisions regarding website design. This person will be your project contact for all interaction with De*WriteSites.

3. You Provide Content -- Because you know your mission, audience, and services, all content must originate with you. De*WriteSites can advise on what kind of content to provide, and will edit for proper grammar and formatting when received. Most content must be received before the design process starts. Exception: Staff and Board bios and blog posts can be sent after the design process begins.

4.  Design Options and Revisions --  The project contact will receive an original, custom, De*WriteSites design, and will have two opportunities in the project timeline during which to request minor design revisions. Revisions will absolutely not be done for free once the second opportunity has elapsed. Design and revisions can include use of your photos, but photos taken from the internet cannot be used unless the appropriate license is purchased.

5. Webmastering -- De*WriteSites will provide 3 months of limited webmastering services after the design project is completed, at no charge, which can include:

  • uploading blog posts

  • adding images to blog posts

  • changing event notices

  • search engine optimization on blog posts

Other marketing advice is available for a small fee.

Timeline for Super Special Non-Profit Website

Your Super Special Wix website can be completed quickly when:

  • you are ready with content before the project starts

  • your project contact is decisive and empowered to speak for all

  • you review and approve the design and content edits within 3 days

Because the design work on your website doesn't start until all your content is received, the project is not considered in process until that point. At that point, most projects take 2 to 4 weeks to complete.

To avoid playing phone tag,
initial contact by email is preferred

Note: emails without date, timezone and hour for chat won't get a response

Why I've Retired

It's possible this will come as a surprise to you -- it certainly has snuck on me that I'm well past retirement age. Over the last year or so, my heart has been pulled in other directions, and while I still love the creative aspects of website design, I want to use my time making a life rather than devoting my energies to making a living. So I plan to travel, attend writers' retreats, work on learning to take good iPhone photos, and just be open to where my spirit guides take me. I have also stepped back from my esoteric work for 2020, and who knows what the future holds for that.

Please see the blog post for my two Wix designers who have earned my highest recommendations for serving my client niche.

All the Best to You!