De*WriteSites Website Project

Service Agreement

Current as of 22 July 2017
Expanded to include explanation of unfamiliar tech jargon


Basic Definitions

Your Website Project includes:


  • development of your website design, using Wix as your webhost

  • inclusion of blog, tag cloud, and archive if desired

  • editing of your drafted content

  • installation of your new client intake forms, if desired

  • provision of worksheets to assist in drafting content

  • basic marketing education through the project timeline, as desired

  • procurement* (if necessary) and installation of photos

  • on-page SEO, including photo alt tags

  • connection and/or 301 redirect of domain and email to website

  • editing and activation of mobile site provided by host

  • integration of social media and locator directory icon links

  • 60 minute training on making changes to website

  • discussion of next steps in marketing

Basic Definitions

De*WriteSites builds websites using the tools provided by the Wix webhost, advises on content writing for marketing a solopreneur private practice, edits your content drafts, and provides you, the site owner, with various resources for making your own website changes and uploading your own blog posts in the future.  The website is created in an account opened for you under your name at, over which you will have full control when the project is done.  On-page SEO and submission to Google and Bing search engines are included in this project cost.


A webhost is the company that provides the ability for your website to be on the internet. Think of it like a hotel hosting /providing many rooms for individual guests. You as the owner of your website are like the guest at the website hotel, paying for room you stay in.


A blog is a special kind of website page that automatically displays newest content first. It’s like a diary or journal that you write in every so often. There are two parts to a blog – the main or top level page that shows abbreviated versions of the 4 or 5 of the latest entries, and the individual pages that show just one blog post in its entirety.

SEO is the acronym for search engine optimization. A search engine is what people use to find a list of websites to review when they are hunting for something, such as “psychotherapy”, “couples counseling”, “anti-depressants”, "past life readings", success coaching", and so on. 


SEO is a specific set of special computer coding and other activities – some of which are visible to the public, others of which are readable only by other computers – that allow search engines like Google to find your website and match it with what your potential clients are searching for. SEO is an industry unto itself, and some SEO practices are considered unethical and get penalized by Google. Those are mostly the practices that occur beyond your own website. De*WriteSites does not engage in those practices.


On-Page SEO is limited to the essential bits of simple computer coding that is most relevant for a Google search. This includes setting up the page titles, page descriptions and page keywords (aka, meta tags) that Google and other search engines use to generate a snippet (aka, abstract) in search results. Here is an example of a snippet:

The first line, in purple, is the page title – also called the title tag, or meta tag. The second line in green is the website address – also called the url, or domain name.  The rest is the page description – also called the meta description tag. The word worry is in bold because that is one of the keywords set in the keyword meta tag for this particular page. When someone searches Google using the word worry or the phrase worry tame, this snippet can show up in the search results.


Other on-page SEO has to do with setting similar tags into the coding for pictures (alt tags) on websites. And the size of your websites headline or title fonts also are set in a certain way so to attract Google’s attention. All this on-page optimization is included in your website building project.


Costs and When You Pay Them

Known Costs & Additional Fees

You will have three main known costs for the development of your website.

1. design and content editing fee

2. webhosting fee

3. domain hosting / privacy fee


These fees are paid separately at different points in the process.



My design and content editing /installation fee are usually paid in full in advance. Installments can be arranged via PayPal Credit. Content writing worksheets can be provided for you on request to draft your content as part of the project after the design is selected. If you will have a blog on your website, this package can include 2 or 3 starter blog posts to give you an idea of how blog pages will look and function with your own blogging content.


Additional fees apply if I write any page length original content. 




The Wix webhosting cost is paid near the conclusion of the project by upgrading your Wix account. The cost depends on which hosting plan you select, and includes full tech support from Wix and use of all editing tools, a great library of free images to use in your blogs, and special apps that give you a lot of functionality. A premium hosting plan removes all Wix advertising from your website. You will receive hosting renewal notices directly from Wix and not from De*WriteSites.

Just like you have to pay the hotel to stay there, you have to pay a webhost for keeping your website online. You can opt to pay for more than one year at a time. Different hosting plans are offered, depending on how big or active your website is – the more actively you blog, the more photos you have on the site, and especially if you have a lot of videos and other special effects or functions, the more robust a plan you need. Think of this as the difference between a basic room with a queen size bed, and the penthouse suite – same hotel, but a difference in accommodations.


Websites are different from domains.  The website is like the physical hotel building. The domain is the floor and suite number of your specific room. But in the case of websites, you have to pay for both the site and the domain.



A Wix hosting plan also provides domain registration for free for the first year if a brand new domain is registered with Wix – although there would be an extra fee for domain registration privacy. This may not apply for domains you already own, even if transferred in to Wix.

After that initial year, the domain cost is comparable to other domain registration companies. You will get annual renewal notices for the site hosting and the domain directly from Wix, and not from De*WriteSites.


Domain registration privacy shields your personal, credit card connected information from viewing by anyone who wants to know who owns your website. Many solopreneurs use a personal credit card with a personal home address to pay for their website and domain accounts. Without the privacy shield, anyone who looks up the registration info for your website could see your home address, name, and phone number. Opting for the privacy screen helps keep this info out of the hands of hackers and spammers. You are always given the option to purchase the privacy shield as part of the process of buying and renewing your domain.


If you already have a domain name at a 3rd party registrar, that cost will continue, payable to whoever your registrar is. In some cases for technical reasons, it might be best to transfer the domain to Wix, and that can be done when the website is finished.

If you need a new domain, and wish to purchase / register it at a 3rd party company, that will be an additional cost – usually less than $35 for the first two years.  I recommend as registrar – they currently have dot com domains for about $22 for the first two years. GoDaddy is another popular domain host that interfaces well with Wix websites.



Payment of the project fee invoice constitutes agreement with the terms and conditions outlined on this webpage and/or in or attached to the invoice you are paying.  I recommend keeping the invoice and its attachment document for your records.


Your credit card can be used to pay the invoice, and for your security, De*WriteSites will have no record of your credit card numbers. Installment payments without interest for up to 6 months are possible via PayPal's Credit option.  Click the Pay button then look for the box to check or link to click for the PayPal Credit option. This option is available on amounts that exceed $99. When you select this option, your installment arrangements will be exclusively with PayPal.  You will need to have an established PayPal account to take advantage of this option.

Project fees are no refundable.  They are based on a calculation of the time spent on your behalf providing you with the services outlined in this agreement, and as time cannot be returned, neither can project fees.

Review, Feedback, and Approval




You will initially receive 2 or 3 design drafts of the website “look”.  Your detailed, written feedback will be essential at this point.  Major changes in design after this point may incur additional fees.

From time to time during the project, you may be asked to review and provide feedback on any website pages I am contracted to design or redesign / write or edit for you. Your specific preferences, approval, and feedback will be needed for me to proceed to the next stage of the design work.


“Major changes in design” means deciding at the end of the project that you’d really rather have one of the other design options provided at the start of the project. This means overhauling the site and can entail up to 20 hours of additional work -- and that will be charged on a $50/ hour basis. Being certain about your choice at the beginning will be more cost effective for you. Minor change requests such as use a different photo, or change the color of that headline, or add one more page for testimonials are included in the normal process of the evolution of the website.



Where I have written original content or done considerable editing of your content, you will have  72 hours to review and approve by email. After 72 hours, I consider these content drafts accepted, and no further work will be done on that item. If you cannot review within this 3 day period, email me for a different schedule. I am flexible but unwilling to allow acceptance and finalization of work to drag out without prior agreement.


This amount of review time is meant to support your investment of energy and interest in the development of your website, as well as making the process a collaboration between you as the owner and De*WriteSites as the designer. Website owners who aren’t invested in reviewing their sites in a timely manner are typically the ones who end up incurring additional and unnecessary costs.



My work for you can proceed rapidly if you are able to provide quick turn around on feedback and approval, and on providing content drafts. When delays occur, the project may be halted and a re-activation fee may apply if I have no response or content from you within 30 days.  The re-activation fee is currently $150. 


Should unforeseen circumstances in your life require an interruption in progress, I request notification of an expected timeline for completion. Without such notice, if you do not communicate about the delay within 30 days, the project will be considered terminated and the website may be removed to an online holding repository. The reactivation fee will be applied and then the website returned to the design account if you want to resume the project after a 30 day delay without notice. I'm flexible with timing but cannot allow projects to drag on forever without communication. An open project prevents the acceptance of new projects similar to how no notice missed appointments prevent scheduling other clients for services.


The 30 day non-communication period and reactivation fee is meant to as an incentive prevent solopreneurs from abandoning the collaboration involved in the marketing of their private practice. To date, it has never been used, as De*WriteSites clients are good about staying in touch. Although I will attempt to reach you if I haven’t heard from you at all in 2 or 3 weeks, so that this provision does not have to be enforced, it is not the responsibility of De*WriteSites to ensure that you meet your obligation to communicate about delays.




If your project requires set up and installation of 3rd party fee-based applications, or purchase of stock photography, you will be consulted prior to that phase of the work.  You are responsible for all costs of 3rd party accounts and photography or image art (beyond the first 3 images) used on your site.  Costs will be known prior to your approval. NOTE:  Wix provides a library of free images for use on websites, and I always start a photo search there.


An example of a 3rd party fee-based application is the blast email provider Aweber. Aweber is recommended when you have an info product you wish to deliver by email in an automatic response to a person using a form on your website. An Aweber account costs about $19 /month, and allows many different forms to be connected to many different info product deliveries. Each form is associated with a separate data base of those requesting your information, so you can market to them further at a later time.

Additional photos when needed are usually purchased from  You will have the right to use them on the website and in other marketing materials such as brochures or in information products.  Some restrictions will apply.  You will be separately invoiced for the cost of the photos plus a small finder’s fee when more than 3 photos are purchased for your website.



I strive to produce content and web presence that represent you in the best professional light. I take pride in creating emotionally compelling and intellectually clear content, and website designs that are clean, attractive, easy to read, and appropriate for the degree of distress or functional capacity in your niche audience.  Your satisfaction with the professional image projected of you and your practice is of the utmost importance to me. I can make no guarantees regarding your results, as conversion of visitors to clients depends on factors in addition to having a website and beyond my control.




Your website's appearance online, with its content, belongs to you. A copyright notice is included in the footer of your website, and should be updated annually with the current year to cover any changes made to your pages, new pages added to the site, or new blog posts added. The copyright notice also serves to reassure the public that your website represents a business that is still operating.

Any original content written for you by De*WriteSites belongs to you.


The technology used to produce your website belongs to Wix.


The photos and other artwork used on your site that is sourced from the Wix library of images is owned by Wix. As a Wix account owner, you have intrinsic license to you these images free of charge on your website and blog. However, these images may not be used outside of the website, except as part of a social media "share" when the image is part of a blog post. You may not use these images in brochures, on business cards, or in other information products.


The following cannot be used on your website:


  • photos found on Google

  • clip art for which you don't have a use license

  • images of graphs, or static YouTube screen shots

  • YouTube videos and other videos you did not personally produce

  • videos in which you were interviewed, unless you have copyright permission

  • trademarks and brand logos of products you use, unless you have company permission

  • blog posts that you or your employee did not write

  • more than 1-2 sentence quotes from other authors

  • reviews others have given you on Yelp and other review sites

Project Timeline


The  Usual Process Sequence


  1. We have a “scope of project” discussion by phone

  2. I send by email a Terms and Conditions document relevant to your project

  3. I open a Wix account with your email address and assign a password

  4. I draft 2 or 3 design options and send you links for review and approval

  5. You make final selection of preferred option and provide feedback details

  6. I invoice you via PayPal email for the cost of the project and continue work when payment is received

  7. I develop the desktop computer version website and a mobile version

  8. Unless you provide photos, I source, procure and install necessary photos

  9. I advise about best marketing protocols regarding content for strategic pages

  10. You draft content with or without content worksheets I provide

  11. I edit content into marketing messages and ensure best search engine optimization

  12. I add function apps – contact forms for email, PayPal buttons, videos, map, etc

  13. I connect your social media profiles to your website icons

  14. You review site and optimized content, and accept or provide feedback

  15. I add meta tags and alt tags to your pages and photos, for SEO purposes

  16. You pay for your Wix account and domain name

  17. If desired, you register a domain name with a 3rd party and connect it to your Wix site

  18. I can help with connection of domain, if needed

  19. If desired, we set a time for a 60 minute phone orientation to using the Wix editing tools

  20. I provide your Wix account login and password

  21. You educate yourself on the care and feeding of your website through:

  22. Wix blogs and support forums

  23. My blogs at and

The majority of the work happens when the invoice is paid. Payment of the invoice constitutes agreement with the following terms and conditions.


Tech Support


Tech Support


De*WriteSites does not automatically act as your webmaster, although you may enter a separate agreement for such work.

De*WriteSites offers a 30 day period after a website has been deemed completed in which you may request the following:

  • change a personal photo

  • change an office address and map

  • upload blog posts you have written (no editing included)

  • change your favicon

  • add social media button links

No changes to the design will be made during this 30 day period unless charged at the hourly rate.

When the design and installation project has been completed, Wix provides support forums and blog posts on common questions, and tech support by email and by scheduled phone appointment. Additional coaching for marketing is available from De*WriteSites for a fee by email and phone appointment.  See  for current consultation rates.


A webmaster is similar to a store manager. It’s the person who watches over the website on a frequent basis to ensure that everything functions as it should all the time. Some website designers also function as webmasters after the site is completed. Clients pay a monthly fee on the contingency that if they need to add or change content, the webmaster is available to do that for them. De*WriteSites believes in empowering clients to be able to do this for themselves rather than having to wait on my schedule and pay for a simple change. I specifically use Wix as the website host because it is very easy to make changes with their tools. If you can send email, you can learn to manage your own website.



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Updated 22 July 2017


Still have questions?  Feel free to contact me for a chat.

To avoid playing phone tag,
initial contact by email is preferred

Note: emails without date, timezone and hour for chat won't get a response

Why I've Retired

It's possible this will come as a surprise to you -- it certainly has snuck on me that I'm well past retirement age. Over the last year or so, my heart has been pulled in other directions, and while I still love the creative aspects of website design, I want to use my time making a life rather than devoting my energies to making a living. So I plan to travel, attend writers' retreats, work on learning to take good iPhone photos, and just be open to where my spirit guides take me. I have also stepped back from my esoteric work for 2020, and who knows what the future holds for that.

Please see the blog post for my two Wix designers who have earned my highest recommendations for serving my client niche.

All the Best to You!