Deah has retired from active website design work as of 19 Dec 2019. If you are a former client of DeWriteSites,  I thank you for your business over the years. This blog will continue to provide how-to instructions and other important info for some months. 

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July 17, 2019

Any online marketing coach these days will encourage you to stop thinking about your website as if it were a business card or brochure that merely tells people who you are and what you do.  That approach rarely influences potential clients to take a chance to make an a...

November 29, 2018

According to, there are at least 128 types of marketing strategies. One quick look at their list shows that many of these types overlap, and many are appropriate mostly for large companies with marketing departments instead of solopreneurs who are...

CJ Hayden in her excellent book Get Clients Now! advises giving ourselves a special permission as part of a marketing plan. 

This is a brilliant idea because so many of us in the healing arts feel hesitant to market our practices in really full-on ways....

December 3, 2014

As psychotherapists, healers, coaches, and all round good human beings, we like to think of ourselves as being trustworthy. We don’t steal, cheat, or lie – telling your best friend she doesn’t look fat doesn’t count, right? So maybe that headline poses a surprising que...

October 26, 2014

Copyright 2014 Deah Curry PhD

Many counselors, coaches, psychologists, social workers and other solopreneurs who have a website built feel as though the work is done when the website is finished.  Even if you didn’t personally build your site, you might think that you c...

September 13, 2014

Often I hear psychotherapists, coaches, social workers, psychologists, and other solopreneurs in the healing arts say that they don’t have time for marketing.  Usually that’s because they are thinking of marketing as going to networking meetings or schlepping the round...

The out-of-the-blue voicemail said:  Pat Bacceli suggested we call. She thinks the work you do is fabulous and she wants to help you reach more people.  Give us a call as soon as you can.

Really?  THE  Dr Pat of talk radio?  The guru of thriving by getting famous h...

Marketers are creative folks, always looking for ways to make things more attractive and convenient to the general public.  One way they do this is by rounding up a set of practices as old as sliced bread, and giving them a  new name.

Fusion Marketing is just...

April 16, 2014

So many psychotherapists, social workers, psychologists, and others with solo practices want to get a website done and then forget about marketing.

You could do that, but it would be a big mistake.

Your new website will need some care and feeding to get Google's attentio...

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Why I've Retired

It's possible this will come as a surprise to you -- it certainly has snuck on me that I'm well past retirement age. Over the last year or so, my heart has been pulled in other directions, and while I still love the creative aspects of website design, I want to use my time making a life rather than devoting my energies to making a living. So I plan to travel, attend writers' retreats, work on learning to take good iPhone photos, and just be open to where my spirit guides take me. I have also stepped back from my esoteric work for 2020, and who knows what the future holds for that.

Please see the blog post for my two Wix designers who have earned my highest recommendations for serving my client niche.

All the Best to You!