Content Writing

If you are a DeWriteSites web design client and struggling with writing the content for your website, save yourself time and frustration -- ask about upgrading your project package to include content writing.

I'm happy to talk with you about renegotiating your project to include
3-5 niche specific pages.

I can provide worksheets for your FAQ and bio page to make writing those easier, too.

SORRY -- content writing is limited to webpages only. I don't do brochures, fliers, blogs, social media posts, or ebooks for clients at this time.


BlogMastering By the Hour

Overwhelmed by the SEO and techie aspects of maintaining your blog? If uploading, optimizing, and promoting your blog posts is intimidating for you, maybe I can help. 

Each package below provides the same service for a set amount of time, and includes:

  • installation of your blog draft to your website

  • formatting for best readability

  • editing for spelling and grammar where needed

  • sourcing of free-license photo (no revisions)

  • adding alt tags to photo

  • adding tags and categories to post

  • promo of blog post to your main social media account

1 Hour = 80

4 blog posts & promos

Use weekly,

every 2 weeks, or 

over 1 month

2 Hours = 150

8 blog posts & promos

Use weekly or 

every 2 weeks

over 2-4 months

3 Hours = 210

12 blog posts & promos

Use weekly or 

every 2 weeks

over 3-6 months


It's nice when your spouse, best friend, sister, cousin, or mom like the website you have put together yourself. But the question you have to ask yourself is how much do they know about marketing in general, or the subliminal influences that are part of the process clients go through in selecting a practitioner.

The same holds true for esoteric readers, energy workers, attorneys, and other advisors in the healing and helping arts. 


Even other colleagues and clinical supervisors aren't usually the best resources for advice about website design, marketing messages and search engine optimization.  Few have any training in these fields, most don't keep up with frequently changing techie trends and requirements, nor can they easily separate business needs from clinical perspectives.

My critiques include:

  • analysis of what attracts and what repels potential clients

  • detailed critique of ability to hold visitors on the site 

  • notations on what to change and how 

  • detailed recommendations 

  • meta tag and alt tag check of your source code

  • suggestions for best readability formatting

  • recommendations to improve on page SEO

  • suggestions for interactive & animated features 

  • an opportunity to talk through the results of the critique and ask questions

Website Critique


To avoid playing phone tag,
initial contact by email is preferred

Note: emails without date, timezone and hour for chat won't get a response

Why I've Retired

It's possible this will come as a surprise to you -- it certainly has snuck on me that I'm well past retirement age. Over the last year or so, my heart has been pulled in other directions, and while I still love the creative aspects of website design, I want to use my time making a life rather than devoting my energies to making a living. So I plan to travel, attend writers' retreats, work on learning to take good iPhone photos, and just be open to where my spirit guides take me. I have also stepped back from my esoteric work for 2020, and who knows what the future holds for that.

Please see the blog post for my two Wix designers who have earned my highest recommendations for serving my client niche.

All the Best to You!